Niky Senater

I am an eclectic artist schooled in fine arts. My entire career spanning 40+ years was in jewelry design and model making; I have painted, sculpted, and been involved in industrial design. I now dedicate my time to Netsuke carving. Japanese art is for me the ultimate expression of human aesthetic.

I am an international award wining jewelry designer with 22 national and international awards, as well as an accomplished master goldsmith, sculptor, netsukishi/netsuke carver.

Born in Bucharest Romania, I came to Canada in 1962. Studied fine art at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts, University of Montreal, specifically sculpture. Studied all facets of jewelry design and fabrication at the school for Applied Arts Pforzheim, Germany. Acquired extensive industrial design experience in the process of designing jewelry stores and plant facilities.

Fluent in 5 languages including French, German, working understanding of Italian and Spanish

I have been a Japanophile and collector of Japanese art since my twenties; after retiring from jewelry mgf recently, I decided to dedicate all my artistic endeavors to the carving of contemporary Netsukes.

My Studio